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Agnès Le Guernic  TSTA
Paris, France

Evelyne Papaux  TSTA
Lausanne, Switzerland

Giles Barrow  TSTA
Ipswich, UK

Jean Illsley Clarke  TSTA
Minneapolis, USA

Karen Pratt  TSTA
Cape Town, South Africa

Marina Rajan  PTSTA
Kolenchery, Kerala

Rosemary Napper  TSTA
Oxford, UK

Susannah Temple  CTA
Bristol, UK

Tomoko Abe  TSTA
Osaka, Japan

Trudi Newton  TSTA
Ipswich, UK
















Agnès Le Guernic

75015 Paris
33 1 40 43 08 70

Mes activités sont les suivantes :
• Formatrice à Paris dans une association où nous formons de futurs consultants en éducation. Je fais aussi de l'initiation à l'AT dans un institut de formation au travail social, ce qui me fait rester en contact avec les dures réalités sociales.
• Coach personnel et superviseur de coaches.
• Ecrivain.

J'ai toujours aimé écrire sur l'AT, ses méthodes, la manière dont elle peut nous aider à mieux travailler et à changer notre vie. J'ai commencé par publier de nombreux articles dans des revues d'AT pour partager mes idées sur l'éducation et la formation des enfants et des adultes.
Mes livres portent sur la communication, les conflits de la vie quotidienne et la manière de se servir de l'AT pour se comprendre et évoluer. Le dernier, écrit avec deux collègues, propose un nouveau regard sur les enfants-élèves et donne des clés pour réussir ensemble à l'école et avec l'école.
– Etats du moi, transactions et communication, Savoir enfin que dire après avoir dit bonjour , InterEditions 2004
– Sortir des conflits, Méthode et outils pratiques avec l'analyse transactionnelle, InterEditions 2009
– L'Analyse transactionnelle, pour mieux se connaître et améliorer ses relations, les miniguides Ecolibris, Ixelles éditions, 2011
– Un élève est aussi un enfant (avec Françoise Hénaff et Christiane Salon), InterEditions janvier 2012.

Sur le web, je tiens un blog :
et des rubriques sur différents sites :
– Bien dans ses relations sur
Les billets d'Agnès sur
– Sur, j'ai fait des vidéos sur les sujets suivants : l'analyse transactionnelle ; comment sortir des conflits dans le travail, entre amis, au moment de la retraite, autour de l'héritage…

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Evelyne Papaux

For years I have been relating with children aged 0 to 12 years old and their families, children with special needs, children in multicultural environments and children in homecare. Now I am a trainer in TA and a trainer for educators and I keep from my experience with children a strong wish to offer playfulness in my training.

I am also a consultant in a centre offering support and resources for educational professionals in terms of counselling and materials such as books, articles, films.

My enthusiasm for educational TA comes from my conviction that TA is an effective means of prevention in children's education and a significant means of developing positive educational strategies. My interest is to contribute to further developments in educational practice and to discuss educational theories from a TA point of view. I am particularly interested in script development seen as a positive process. I consider emotional literacy to be an important way of promoting healthy relationships and well-being, and I think that resilience is a theme that needs to be further explored in terms of TA.

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Giles Barrow

Mill House
Mill Hill, Earl Soham
Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 7RP, UK
+44 1728 684 312

I live and work in the UK.

In addition to being a TA trainer I am a qualified teacher with experience in both the mainstream and specialist sectors. I work in schools, local authorities and community groups with a focus on understanding and developing relational dimensions of teaching and learning.

In addition to my professional work, I run a small farm in Suffolk.

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Jean Illsley Clarke

16535 9th Ave N
MN 55447
+1 763 473 1840

TA is my friend. In 1978 I published /Self-Esteem: A Family Affair/, a book filled with TA principles and theories translated from the therapeutic vernacular into words for busy parents of growing children. Organized around developmental stages, each chapter invites parents to grow and to do their own repair work as their children grow. /Who, Me Lead A Group?/ (1984) is based on TA theories about group leadership. Both books continue to sell without revision - a tribute to the deep and lasting qualities of TA. Several books later, /Growing Up Again: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting Our Children/ explores the many functions of the parent ego state and guides parents through the four levels of discounting to empowerment. These contributions are recognized by the 1995 Eric Berne Memorial Award.

Currently I am deeply involved with the Overindulgence Research Study team and deeply concerned about the hazards to adult life that are associated with childhood overindulgence. I thought the book, /How Much Is Enough? /was addressing a peculiarly American problem. However, it has been translated into nine languages. So what does that imply for us Transactional Analysts?

This is a yeasty time for TA as the burgeoning research on the brain validates some of our theories and nudges us to explore and extend others. It is especially challenging to us educators.

My life is filled with many wonderful experiences, but nothing is more exciting than presenting at a TA conference, connecting with colleagues, and incorporating new learnings and new challenges.

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Karen Pratt

Cape Town
South Africa
+27 82 450 8331

I have been immersed in TA for the past 17 years. I love how it gives people new ways of understanding both who they are and how they get on with others in their lives. I love seeing people make new meaning and begin to realise that they have options to live more authentically.

As a PCC coach and coach supervisor and coach trainer, I use TA as my thinking framework spotting the clues to where people might be keeping themselves stuck and then curiously exploring assumptions and limiting beliefs. I see this as one of the arenas of work as a TA educator – lifelong learning and growth.

I work with small groups and teams sharing how TA can give them insight into their dynamics and ways of working together – this has included community care workers, HR teams, Executive teams, teachers, a dance studio, parent groups, couples and informal community groups.

As a TA trainer I work both face to face and online across the world. I currently run an advanced educational TA group via an interactive, real time webinar with trainees in India and South Africa. I find it exciting working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures — it is inspiring to witness the connection that forms between people as they settle into a learning environment of safety, trust and challenge. I particularly enjoy being part of the ITAA's supervision programme offering supervision hours to the ITAA – it has opened up my opportunities to supervise TA trainees in many parts of the world.

I have much gratitude for the opportunities that have come my way through being part of the international TA community — there are very many special people, places and experiences that I enjoy as I continue to find out more about me, people and life.

Join the journey!

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Rosemary Napper

TA Works
The Workshop
13 York Place
Oxford OX4 1YL
+44 (0)1865 250 528

I am passionate about adult learning. I have spent many years involved in Adult Education in the UK, and more widely in community education, as a practitioner and as an education officer. Now all my work centres around adults and learning — my curiosity about how this takes place is constantly informed by our increasing knowledge about neuroscience, and TA provides a wonderful structure for translating much of this scientific knowledge into everyday facilitation of learning. So many of our professional roles are involved in encouraging others to learn — and a personal zest for learning is vital in this process.

I provide TA training for TAworks at several levels: TA 101s, a foundation year, a second year with organisational and educational speciality, and the PEOPLE PRACTITIONER which leads to CTA Counselling. I also provide supervision individually and in groups. I also provide basic TA training for the University of Oxford. And I often travel by invitation to provide TA training abroad.

TACTICS (written with Trudi Newton) is a book about how TA can inform the learning process and there are several more incubating about how TA can inform supervision, coaching and mentoring, and community development. In the recent past there has been an article on Positive Psychology and TA in the TAJ and another on Supervision, several articles in the Script and a chapter on coaching (with Trudi Newton) in the Sage handbook, and a chapter on cultural scripting in Lifescripts(2010)
I live in central Oxford in a multicoloured house with two cats and a delightful garden. I go to the theatre a lot, really enjoy food (other than fish!) in all its dimensions, and travel to other countries whenever I get the chance!

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Susannnah Temple

+44 (0)117 979 1519

TA has been a part of my work as an educator ever since my first introductory workshop in 1979. I was then part the group in the early 1980s that started "TA in Education" in the UK, running special conferences and involving increasing numbers of teachers. After a while it seemed more accurate to use the term "Educational TA", for what had become a holistic educational approach based on the philosophy, principles and practice of TA. To my mind, this comprehensive coordination of TA concepts formed a "Practical Educational Psychology" that could be applied in any learning context. The Masters level courses I designed in the 1990s were based on this idea and the University of Plymouth duly awarded Educational TA diplomas and degrees to successful students.

Fran Lacey and I had plans almost completed for running an Educational TA training linking my university work with her TA Psychotherapy trainings. The plans collapsed with her sudden death in 1997. Lost, I put my energy into the research that culminated in the Functional Fluency model and theTemple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) in 2002. Functional Fluency models 'Integrating Adult' in action. The purpose of TIFF is to enhance people's abilities for building positive relationships, something I believe human beings have a great, natural capacity for.

However, I think that we are at a time of great and increasing need for close, real, mutually beneficial, I'm OK, You're OK, trusting relationships in the world, specially as communication becomes more automated, digitalised and distanced, and we are conned into thinking friends can be made by the hundred at the touch of a button.

Our social enterprise company – The Fluent Self CIC – supports members of the TIFF Networks in the UK, Germany and Holland and others in their use of the FF approach in a wide range of contexts.

Positive, effective and affectionate relationships bring joy and satisfaction in the same way as learning does, so that is where my heart is now – in spreading the use of Functional Fluency and TA wherever possible.

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Tomoko Abe

+81 6 6864 9930

Since I was a CTA trainee I have been involving with the kindergarten and teaching TA to parents and care-takers.

I have published books about episodes in these groups and TA applications. I am writing two further books this year.

I also run TA groups for CTA trainees.

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Trudi Newton

+44 1473 780 117

I discovered TA about 25 years ago, and since then have used it in all areas of my life and enjoyed introducing others to its delights and benefits through training, supervision and personal connection. Now I am a writer, researcher and consultant working with other educators to facilitate radical learning and community development. I work nationally and internationally, including directing a four-year training programme for educators and school psychologists in St Petersburg, Russia.

Books include TACTICS, written with Rosemary Napper, which looks in detail at the process of learning and teaching. With Giles Barrow and Emma Bradshaw I produced two books for schools, Improving Behaviour and Raising Self-esteem, and Walking the Talk, and have contributed to a book on TA with children and young people (Tudor 2007). I have been involved in EATA-sponsored research on TA training as well as a collaborative research project into the effectiveness of TA as a tool for emotional development and communication in schools.

My current passions are for developing training programmes and workshops for coach supervisors, one of which is the first to be recognised by the International Coach Federation, and I have just finished co-writing a book on coach supervision with Hilary Cochrane. And I love visiting and working in South Africa.

Until recently I was a Vice President of ITAA and Chair of the International Training and Certification Council of Transactional Analysis.

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