educational TA network


The International Transactional Analysis Association

The European Association for Transactional Analysis

The South African TA Association

TA Training and Certification
on the ITAA website
for more information about qualifying in TA, national and regional associations worldwide

TA Educational Institute
TA101 and advanced TA training for all fields and certifications run in Japan for the past 13 years

TA Proficiency Award for Children & Young People
EATA approved and funded project to promote transactional analysis with children and young people

TIFF (©)
Temple Index of Functional Fluency
models 'Integrating Adult' in action to enhance people's abilities for building positive relationships

Behaviour Wall
CfBT Education Trust
interactive visual representation of the stages of emotional development children and young people move through
Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson & David J. Bredehoft
site dedicated to research on the over-indulgence of children and teaching parents what to do instead

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
site set up by a training group in Lincs to keep track of its work in the region











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