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Japanese Education Styles

Giles Barrow and Trudi Newton: Educational Transactional Analysis – an international guide to theory and practice.
An essential resource for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Educational TA or are involved in formal TA training. Available in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.
"With contributors drawn from the international educational TA community, offering perspectives from Europe, India, South Africa, Australia, Japan and United States, this book will be the ‘go to’ text for educators in all contexts, researchers, students and trainers."


INTO TA William F. Cornell, Anne de Graaf, Trudi Newton, Moniek Thunnissen: Into TA – a comprehensive textbook on transactional analysis
Both beginning and experienced professionals will find much of value. TA theory is integrated with other current models of psychology, education, and organisational consultation. Available in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.
Japanese Education Styles Masumi Aonuma, Chiho Asai, Michiko Kawanami and Naoko Toyoda: Developing an Effective Style of Education

この本は、 学習というヮクヮクする冒険の旅へ、 私たちをいさないます。 なぜワクワクするのでしょう?
それは、 教育と学習に関する新たな方法につし`て大いなる発見をした、 経験豊かな 5人の教育者の一行が導〈旅を、 皆さんか始めるチャンスだからてす。
本の中では、 彼女たちは、 ォリジ力レで創造力にあふれ、 愛嬌のある楽ししヽ方法で アイデアと冒険を共有して、 試行錯誤の上に突破した、 革新的て成功のストーリーを 愉快でおもしろい物語を使って表現しています。
私たちは皆、 学校ても卒業してからも、 そして成人としても、 成長の過程では学習

T'Analyse Transactionelle Agnès le Guernic: L’Analyse Transactionnelle
Grâce à ce MiniGuide, vous découvrirez que vous pouvez faire de nouveaux choix de vie, plus positifs!
Un Élève est aussi un Enfant Agnès le Guernic: Un Élève est aussi un Enfant
Ce livre s’adresse aux parents et grands parents, aux enseignants et futurs enseignants, ainsi qu’à toutes les personnes curieuses de ce qui se passe à l’école.
Tomoko Abe Tomoko Abe: The Ideas of Relationship among Parents and Children
Tomoko Abe Tomoko Abe: The TA Happy Cards
Supervision for Coaches Trudi Newton & Hilary Cochrane: Supervision for Coaches – a guide to thoughtful work
TA-based reflections and practical guidance for coach supervisors, based on the authors' own experience and perspective, combining practical guidance for supervisors with reflection on the underpinning roots of supervision, including recent theories of adult learning.
T'Analyse Transactionelle Susannah Temple: Maximising Interpersonal Effectiveness
This short introduction to the Functional Fluency model explains the concepts in everyday terms. It shows how we use our energy effectively on our own behalf and on behalf of others and also how we may sometimes slip into less effective behaviour.
























































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